Late 80s Gibson Chet Atkins SST – $900

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Steel String Version of SST

Solid Body with Acoustic Sound. Amazing Tone.

Good condition, with only minor wear and tear from Gigging.

May need set up/Minor pot cleaning from dust.

Going on Ebay for as much as 1350

From WIKIPedia:

The Gibson Chet Atkins SST was a revolutionary design that combined the best of Gibson‘s acoustic and electric guitar technology. The SST was a solid body acoustic-electric designed by the late legendary country artist Chet Atkins. The steel-string model was introduced in 1987 and was discontinued for 2006. The SST had a solid spruce or cedar top and a mahogony body. Unlike most acoustic-electrics the SST had no resonating chamber or soundhole. The acoustic sound came from a bridge mounted transducer. The SST quickly became popular among rock and country players because high volume levels could be reached without any feedback (most traditional acoustic electrics will emit moderate to high levels of feedback when they come near amplifiers, speakers or microphones). This ability made the SST the perfect acoustic guitar for live music. The SST was offered in three finishes: natural, ebony, and cherry sunburst. It had mother of pearl inlays in a star pattern on the fretboard, headstock, and bridge and features gold plated hardware. It also sports Chet Atkins’s signature above the fretboard. The SST had controls for volume as well as boost and cut for both treble and bass signals.


Ibanez 540 R Electric Guitar – $400

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Good condition. Some dings

Black Floyd rose. Need Whammy bar.

with Case

1989 Custom Made inlay on 22nd fret

Similar one on ebay for 899!

“”These are RARE! When Joe Satriani went to Ibanez, these are the guitars he liked. It was the basis for the J1000. They are virtually the same guitar. So much so that Ibanez discontinued the Radius series so you had to buy the J’s . “”

2-Samson R21 Microphones – Best Offer

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The R21 features a tight Cardioid pickup pattern for maximum gain before feedback, a Dual Stage Windscreen, heavy gauge mesh and anti-dent ring for enhanced protection and gold plated XLR pins assuring positive connetivity.
High Output Dynamic Element
Unidirectional Cardioid Polar Pattern for Maximum Gain Before Feedback
Withstands High Sound Pressure Levels
Dual Stage Windscreen
Rugged Road-Proof Design

Excellent Condition. Never used.

SOLD !!!!!! Rare Calrad 500-c Dual Crystal Pill Microphone Vintage Microphone-RCA 77 Copy – $150

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Classic and very sought after Calrad 500C, RCA 77 copy mic. These were “Crystal, Dual Element” mics. These are great for photos, display, prop or loading in a modern element and using on-stage. Chrome grill work in perfect condition with very slight dent. Bakelite body perfect with no chips or cracks. None of the common cracks around the yoke mounts either. Also the stand mounting flange is still firmly spot welded to the yoke. They are commonly missing or glued in place which will usually not hold!!! Polished Aluminum body and grill work.

Original Specs (when working):
Impedance: Hi-Z
Element Type: Double Crystals
Frequency Response: 40-8,000 cps
Pattern: Omni-directional when placed Vertically,
Cardioid when placed Horizontally
Output: -50db
They were designed with dual “Crystal” elements, which sounded like a telephone when when they worked. This one, needs to be tested. It could also be possible to load with a more modern element or a lavaliere mic. They’re not very useable on modern sound systems because of the telephone sound. They were originally sold as Tape Recorder mics.

Very sought after for display / prop use and for “dummy mics” in an interview / desk situation. Fits standard, modern mic stand. Aluminum all in great shape.  Small ding otherwise PERFECT. Comes with “fixed attachment” cable.

SOLD!!!! -Quick Lock Keyboard Stand – $10

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Works well.

Wear and tear form gigging. One cover of foot mising.

Hot Pink Dickies Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag – $10

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Brand new, never used…still has tag 🙂

70’s Vintage Kustom Public Speaker 111-PA w real spring reverb – Best Offer

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Vintage, 1975, made in U.S.A. “KUSTOM III PA” 130 WATTS, 6 Channel, Solid State PA.  Great retro looking and sounding, perfect for a modern day Garage or Punk Band. Needs to be tested. Missing EQ covers. Spring reverb.