SOLD !!!!!! Rare Calrad 500-c Dual Crystal Pill Microphone Vintage Microphone-RCA 77 Copy – $150

Classic and very sought after Calrad 500C, RCA 77 copy mic. These were “Crystal, Dual Element” mics. These are great for photos, display, prop or loading in a modern element and using on-stage. Chrome grill work in perfect condition with very slight dent. Bakelite body perfect with no chips or cracks. None of the common cracks around the yoke mounts either. Also the stand mounting flange is still firmly spot welded to the yoke. They are commonly missing or glued in place which will usually not hold!!! Polished Aluminum body and grill work.

Original Specs (when working):
Impedance: Hi-Z
Element Type: Double Crystals
Frequency Response: 40-8,000 cps
Pattern: Omni-directional when placed Vertically,
Cardioid when placed Horizontally
Output: -50db
They were designed with dual “Crystal” elements, which sounded like a telephone when when they worked. This one, needs to be tested. It could also be possible to load with a more modern element or a lavaliere mic. They’re not very useable on modern sound systems because of the telephone sound. They were originally sold as Tape Recorder mics.

Very sought after for display / prop use and for “dummy mics” in an interview / desk situation. Fits standard, modern mic stand. Aluminum all in great shape.  Small ding otherwise PERFECT. Comes with “fixed attachment” cable.


~ by antonioringor on October 11, 2009.

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